The Arts Lawn Visual Identity


The Arts Lawn Visual Identity


The Arts Lawn will be an arts-programmed outdoor park located in Chicago’s south side — the first of its kind in the US. Building off of ideas from community workshops, Span designed a bright, colorful identity that captures the park’s creative spirit as inspired by the endless sparks of creativity that come from gathering. Through a flexible system the icon is capable of an infinite amount of representations to express openness, adaptivity, and belonging. The logotype also features a customized version of Avant Garde Gothic that builds off the angularity of both the icon and the park’s site plan.

The vision for the park and its programming was conceived through workshops that Arts + Public Life convened with local community members. The space, architected by Site Design, will activate the empty one-acre lot into a creative, public, green space. Community-centered arts programming will include film screenings, live theater, outdoor music, public performances, exhibitions, youth education, and marketplaces. Our identity reflects the programming of the park — exciting, vibrant, edgy, with a great amount of playfulness.

22B-26b_The Arts Lawn Visual Identity_Nick Adam/Avery Branen