Gender By Us


Gender By Us


Honored to be chosen as a winner in both the How International Design Awards and as one of the top 100 designs in the world in the STA100.

In a town filled with John Belushies and Tina Feys in training, it's near impossible to get people's attention. It's even harder to get them to pay good money for one more show full of people who claim to be funny.

That's why it was important to set N2O apart. We used a retro graphic style reminiscent of the DePatie-Freleng studio known for their sophisticated-but-not-stuffy comedy style—a perfect match for their unique sense of humor. Then we applied consistent branding and messaging across social media and a poster campaign blitz.

In just one year, N2O sold out houses for three original productions, appeared at the Crossroads Comedy Festival and closed out the famed Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival.