Fortune Cookie Book


Fortune Cookie Book

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Fortune Cookies is a 72-page collection of seven flash fiction stories was written by Evanston, IL writer Lynn Sloan. Each story highlights how a woman’s chance taken today, can be tomorrows unexpected fate.

There were over 30,000 hand set pieces of handset type. The 12” x 5.5,” 2-color, 20-copy edition required over 2,200 hand-printed pages, 75 embossed images. The book features letterpress printing, handset Plantin and Univers, handmade end sheets, 2nd color drop caps for each story, seven onset fortunes per book, and exposed sewing over tapes with open spine binding. There are standard and deluxe editions. The 15 standard edition books are covered with book cloth on book board. The deluxe version is defined by its laser engraved bamboo front and back covers.