Jason Kunesh

Jason Kunesh

Jason Kunesh is the founder of Kunesh Design, providing design coaching, speaking, and facilitation for education, environmental, health care, social, and financial institutions.

He was the first Design Director of the City of Chicago, helping ensure the City's digital products and services work well for all Chicagoans. The city was awarded 15 Cannes Awards for campaigns built on the Chicago Design System, including a Bronze Award for the Design System itself, which was a collaboration with Northwestern University's Segal Design Institute. Jason was the Director of UX and Product for Obama for America 2012, ran a user experience product design firm, and worked at Orbitz, Groupon and other startups.

Jason has been fortunate to consult or work with numerous manufacturing, healthcare, educational, educational organizations and institutions across the U.S. He is currently an adjunct lecturer at Northwestern University’s Segal Design Institute and has previously taught at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and DePaul University. (156)

Source: Northwestern University/JK website

Department of Assets, Information & Services/Chicago Design Office