Typeforce Exhibit 2010

Typeforce Exhibit 2010

Once upon a time, two Chicago design lovers had an idea. It was simple really. Sort of a "if you build it, they will come" kind of thing. So they did and TYPEFORCE was born.

The concept was clear. Showcase the best in emerging typographic design and art in Chicago. A straightforward notion, but where would we find these allstars in such a traditionally design-conservative city? We took to the streets, uncovered the hidden gems in the agencies and found some of the most amazing talents anywhere on the planet. Really, they blew us away.

We selected 20 of Chicago's top type-makers. Told them to create whatever they wanted (yes, really) and show up on February 23, 2010 to install what we anticipated to be step one in validation that Chicago really does bring it. And did they ever.

 From the lycra window display to the sound activated motion graphics and the typographic graveyard to the powdered type sculpture, the brilliance behind the work was evident in every single piece displayed.

Opening on February 26th, over 400 people felt the passion that's called type in Chicago.

To further exemplify the raw skills on display, we brought in type legend, AIGA medalist and our personal design hero, Rick Valcenti to talk about the work and present a case for Chicago as a current type and design mecca on the closing evening. His presentation gave us goosebumps.

With the artistry that brought over 500 people through the Co-Prosperity Sphere’s doors, we knew we had to continue to display this work in along-lasting format.